Ways to create more clarity in the Policy Kitchen funnel approach

The Policy Kitchen relies on a funnel approach, from Brainstorm to Brilliant Idea. In order to provide more clarity on the topic of the brainstorm process, participants could be required to watch a 2-minute video providing a basic explanation of the topic being discussed.  This allows each study to certify that the participants start out with at least a basic understanding of the topic.  After watching the video, the participant is provided with the opportunity to become part of the brainstorm.

Many videos exist that explain complicated ideas in a simplified way.  If these videos do not exist, the video could be done either by the group that is proposing an important question to Policy Kitchen (although there may be bias) or the foraus staff who are knowledgeable of that topic. 

The brainstorm is then used to elicit ideas on the topic.  Once the ideas have been gathered, refinement of the issues should be one either in-house (after education of the individual decision makers on the topic in foraus) or outsourced to methodological experts who know the process of choosing the major ideas generated by the brainstorm.  The outputs of this process are clearer ideas on the topics of interest and a network of ideas (how one idea is related to another).  This leads to better ideas which leads to easier ways of addressing better questions (eg. segmenting the "big" issue into smaller questions).