1. Defining the channels depending on the target audience.
2. Range of the scope of the channel

Introduction: Before launching the campaign, the TT will first need to specify the channel through which they'll address the audience, according to a set of criteria. Second, decide on the extent of use of the chosen channel. 


Step 1. Defining the Channels: criteria 

  • Level of knowledge (general knowledge > expert in the field). 
  • Cost-benefit of channel 
  • "PR skills" (i.e. presenter) 
  • Easiness of the answering process 


Step 2. Range of scope of channel: criteria 

  • Wide scope = social media, mass (paper) media, conferences & public events, open-access publications, newsletters 
  • Narrower scope: Direct (personal) emails\phone calls (i.e. working meetings),  social media (e.g. groups, influencers, Twitter DM).