A central Swiss approach to actively provide information to the public on AI technologies and developments as well as sensitize for relevant (ethical) issues

To prevent misinformation and isolation of people with limited technological knowledge, and especially due to the Swiss direct democratic voting system susceptible to populism, Switzerland has to provide a trustworthy, expert, up-to-date, and accessible source of information on A.I. and related technological developments for everyone.

To ensure an effective, holistic effort that is credible to the public, this newly developed source of information needs to include all stakeholders in A.I. technology, i.e. not only the government and individual experts, but also directly educational institutes and industry. 

The fast changing nature and high density of information requires that information is actively brought to the people (not only passively provided per e.g. a website). It should be devised in a way to cater to the wide variety of people requiring information.

Since we cannot well predict future technological developments, especially in the field of AI, any effort must include general values/ethics - not only be followed and adapted by the sources providing this service, but also included in any education.

Concrete ideas:

  • consortium of providers/stakeholders, lead by dedicated institution (e.g. the Mindfire foundation)
  • provide website
  • outreach: e.g. AI week, visit of schools, open doors in firms, courses (for different audiences i.e. levels of knowledge and interests): actively address concerns/fears while also showing fun of AI/technology/developments
  • extend with additional services, e.g. list of collaborations, forum for policy discussion, etc