Individuals should be given control over data disclosures by private companies via an Opt-In action, with Swiss-domiciled data as a beachhead.

There should be new regulation concerning individuals' consent to use of their data.

  • If A.I. makes use of data that is to be used for a public good (to be defined by CH GOVT, e.g. research on health) or by government programs/NGOs, individuals' data may automatically be used if they users do not opt out.
  • Regarding data that is to be used for private purposes, individuals must be given the choice to opt in, as well as to later be able to opt out

This would be a mechanism change for companies like Facebook, Google, Baidu, and other less-obvious AI operators like ABB (energy consumers consenting to running AI on their energy usage), Nestle (consumer buying habits), and Swisscom (understanding your telecom habits).

Understanding that this is a Switzerland-based AI strategy, the thought is that we would be able to test this out with solely Switzerland-domiciled data first, and demonstrate that it is still a viable way to conduct business - it wouldn't greatly affect the ways that companies can use data.

Once this has been demonstrated to be effective and sufficiently protective of peoples' personal data from their undesired AI-based uses, Switzerland could be a model for adoption elsewhere.