Aligning technological growth with decision-making processes
  • Collaboration between private and public sector. Technological problems become more and more complex it takes longer to understand them. Politics needs knowledge transfer from private sector including companies and civil society. It can be done through intermediate associations, existing platforms or advisory board with selected experts.
  • Explore ways to have more agile decision making processes. Implementing and updating policy guidelines for a test period.
  • Promote implementation of an industry-wide codex on good practices with respect to AI. It can lead to development/implementation of non-binding standards in the area of AI adhered to by the big industry players world wide.
  • Open-source policy. Independent platform (not linked to big companies) like for public to submit their concerns, suggestions and policy proposals. There people can find similar issues, engage in debate promote new changes, etc. There must be some process to align interests of policy makers with ideas in the top proposals.