Creating an online collaboration platform between industry and research institutions.

The goal of this platform is to provide central point for accessing all the expertise and activities of research institutions, companies, as well as governmental initiatives (such as funding projects/programs) regarding AI in one place. Thus, the collaboration between the stake holders could be fostered and the impact and efficiency of the individual initiatives maximized.

Research institutions can:

  • add, communicate and share information about their running projects
  • share and ask for ideas for new projects
  • see the "demand" from industry

Companies can:

       Companies working with AI:

  • share their information about their expertise, use cases, trainings, current programms/projects or job offers
  • share what their needs and challenges in practice are, at the moment
  • offer collaborations

       Companies not familiar with AI:

  • get information to estimate the potential of AI in their field e.g. use cases
  • find contacts for collaborations with research institutions or other companies

Government can:

  • publicate their funded projects, funds open for new projects and collaboration
  • define rules/laws .....
  • listen proposals for new ideas for policies, education
  • Increase the impact of their initiatives