Increase the number of graduates with AI-related degrees from Swiss Universities and make sure it includes joint-degrees between AI and other subjects.

Maybe it’s too obvious to even state it but currently the demand for data science / machine learning experts clearly outstrips supply. Aside from attracting global talent part of the Swiss AI strategy has to be to increase homegrown talent eg. the French AI Strategy wants to triple the amount of AI-related graduates until 2020 (!).

Furthermore, if AI is like “electricity”, it will touch up on almost anything and we don’t just need pure technical experts but people that combine a decent level of AI understanding with deep sectoral understanding to apply and guide the appliance of established machine learning techniques within these sectors. Therefore, we need joint masters programs such as Law + AI, Business Administration + AI or International Affairs + AI. This is also reflected in the French AI Strategy (, in the UK Strategy ( as well as in the recommendations of the AI Now Institute (