One Health Action Plan Template

Moritz Fegert foraus • 2 May 2022

Envisioning One Health for the future: OH action plan template


Instructions for content:

Define the One Health approach to be implemented to avoid 'your' scenario from materialising by 2050, focusing on one cluster-issue related to ‘your’ scenario. 

  • To begin defining your OH action plan, you can follow the following instructions and paste questions 1-4 (at the bottom) into your idea’s text box.
  • Don’t forget to click on ‘Save’ at the end of the exercise.


Title: xxx

Picture: Check out license-free pictures e.g. on 

Summary: 1-2 sentences (your main idea)

Content: OH action plan answering the following questions:

  1. What OH policies/approaches are needed at political, legislative, financial, scientific and/or technical levels to prevent your scenarios from happening?
  2. Which policy steps should be taken in the next 30 years and by which actors?