We suggest adding two new members to the Swiss government. One more "phyisical" federal counsellor and one "AI-Bundesrat" (in order to keep the uneven number for votes, etc.)

By adding an "AI-Bundesrat", we want to include big data in the decision-making within the federal government. The "AI-Bundesrat" would therefore always lead the "big data department" and will help the whole government to make more informed decisions. For example he could contribute further information on the impact of a certain policy or he can calculate the costs for a policy recommondation. Furthermore, the "AI-Bundesrat" makes the Swiss political system even more democratic, because the "AI-Bundesrat" can also be approached by a normal citizen through an online channel. So on the one hand, somehow he makes decision-making more fact-based and informed and on the other hand, he bringes more voices from the people into the government.